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My younger son and I spent Friday in London attending the Autism Show at the ExCel Centre and Saturday at the southeast beach resort of Brighton. We've not been to Brighton before, so it was a treat.

One of the show's exhibitors set up a large sensory room to display their designs and software. This was my particular favourite, an interactive floor screen. My son was having fun kicking the planets around. There were other programs available to use, such as a relaxing lily pond, complete with sound effects, where a wave of a hand or foot would cause the water to ripple.

I'm pleased with how this photo turned out. It was taken on a DLR (Docklands Light Railway) train on our way to catch the train to Brighton. I took this photo through the window of the train, and wasn't expecting it to turn out so well.

The pebble beach at Brighton. All the beaches in my area are sandy, so this was a new experience for me. It's very pretty, though you couldn't walk barefoot on it.

Brighton's old West Pier, closed in 1975 and ravaged by fires and storms afterwards.

Brighton's pier (the intact one!) is so big it's difficult to fit into one photo.

Here it is in more manageable pieces:

(Sorry the last one's a bit blurry)

On the pier K'Ehleyr (on the left) and I found the perfect game for us to play.

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