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Re: how would you build a colony?

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What, exactly, makes them profitable in MODERN times?
Well, nothing makes it profitable to haul ore in modern times. Which is why nobody does it, not over oceanic distances. (It's only hauled a very short distance to a refinery where it ceases to be ore and becomes, say, iron.)
Eh... ore hauling is VERY profitable and done all over the place and over very long distances, take Japan for example, most of their resources has to be brought by ship and in very large quantities.

Australia hauls iron ore by the megatons to asia for example, while sitting on a huge pile of ore they don't have much foundry capability at all.
in 2005 bulk hauling of ores, coal, bauxite was already at 1.7 billion metric tons.

A lot of the largest vessels afloat at the moment are bulk carriers
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