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Re: Movies Caption Contest #245: In depth

Spock: We have neuterized the nucular threat; irregardless, our mission is a whole nother barrel of fish. Awesome sauce. Allow me to reiterate again: Starfleet misunderestimated the threat of the extraterrestrial aliens and unequivocably ordered me to use an inflammable payload in the torpedo. This was anti-opposed by the non-defunct alien faction and forced them to make a complete 360 in their strategy. So I told the Captain you're crew is literally behind you 1000% like Yoko and Lenin. Their loyaler than any crew in all the multiple universes. Its all good. Word.

...This is what you people sound like to Vulcans.

Admirals: OOOooohhh....

Worf: A warrior does not shake it more than three times unless he intends to play with it, Mister Crusher.

Data: This is the hand I used to cup Tasha's left butt cheek.
Data: She named it "Sir Mix-A-Lot."
Data: Guess why.
Data: It likes big butts and it cannot lie.
Geordi: TMI!!!

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