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Re: Best of Bantam?

I remember picking up some of the Bantam novels when I was early in my teens and not initially understanding why the covers looked so different from the Pocket novels I already had.

Over time I've read them all except for Spock: Messiah!. None of them are particularly good, especially in relation to what Pocket has built over time (there are some horrible Pocket entries as well). But at the time I initially read them, they were fascinating to me, especially in how my mind conjured this entirely different Star Trek universe that was wholly incompatible with what I had seen on-screen (most of TOS and the first three movies) to fit these books into.

However, many of them were enjoyable, even though not great. My two favorites of the line were Vulcan! and Death's Angel, the latter having the distinction of being the first novel I ever read cover to cover in one sitting—a cold, blustery evening when I lived in Berlin in the mid-80s. I sat next to a radiator under a blanket and read and read.

But, even though those two are my favorites, they all have their charms and individual quirkiness.
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