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Re: Lack of new Star Trek Audio Books

I think Trek actors would be a lot more lucrative. I wonder who would agree to do them now?

Could some books like Titan, Destiny, Typhon Pact etc be released as box sets? I guess you would need one-offs like Articles of the Federation and A Singular Destiny and the TNG Relaunch to fill plot gaps.

How far back would you go if commissioning this series? DS9/VOY Relaunch? A Time To...? I wonder if Shatner still wants to narrate his last book (The Academy one)

Enterprise would be quite popular possibly as it leans toward continuity of TOS, TOS seems to be the most popular market since Enterprise ended, and a fair few of them are put out annually.

I personally would be 10x more interested in the top stuff, going post-Nemesis and developing from there.
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