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Re: I have a confession to make

Nemesis lover right here!
Flawed as the movie was, it is also my favorite of any of the TNG movies.

1. It actually looked and felt like a big screen movie, whereas the previous three TNG flicks looked more like overblown, two part TNG episodes. They certainly worked better on the small screen, full frame format, than they did as an attempt at big screen movies.

2. Jerry Goldsmith really delivered on a kick ass score. I loved the uptempo opening cue as the camera closes in on Romulus and the Imperial Senate. Got my blood going and my foot tapping. (I certainly liked it better than his opening theme to First Contact, which, in my very humble opinion, should've also sounded much more ominous ala Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and then ended with its more uplifting and hopeful end titles music.)

3. Picard driving a dune buggy! To me, that was see Picard do something that made most fanboys see Picard do something fun, and have it end up in a cool action beat.

4. Shinzon, not so much for the character, but for the actor who portrayed him (Tom Hardy). I thought Hardy brought a very cool, naturalistic and understated edge to Shinzon. Much of what HaventGotALife stated was pretty much what I enjoyed about Shinzon and Picard. Those conversations...the dinner, Picard's capture, and the holographic meeting in Picard's ready room....those were some very well done scenes.

5. The space battle! HOLY SHIT! This thing took up practically the entire last half of the movie. And what I really loved about it....the fact that it wasn't "two battle effects shots, and twenty internal shots of the crew getting thrown around, announcing...'incoming fire'!" It was a full on, knock down, drag out, no holds barred space battle. The budget certainly reflected on this well.

6. The Enterprise/Scimitar ramming scene! Yes, there should've been no survivors whatsoever, but this was a pure-adrenaline, space-fantasy action moment that rocked both the big screen, and the Dolby units that supported its audio. This shot alone was worth the price of admission in my book.

7. The end titles (as per the DVD/Blu-ray versions). The end titles in the theatrical release, and the Official Soundtrack were, as usual, serene and understated. But the end titles as played in the DVD version screamed "big screen Trek epic"! To me, the score for Nemesis was the late, great Jerry Goldsmith's best score since "Star Trek The Motion Picture".

But, that's just me.... I was raving about the movie after I saw it theatrically on opening night. My friends were not so forgiving, and one even said: "Dude, we serious have got to get you to stop defending this movie." LOL!
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