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Re: I have a confession to make

I don't rank Nemesis very high on the movie scale. As I have said before, I have seen 500 films better than it. I rank them alongside the TNG Films, of which, Nemesis is my distant 2nd favorite. When I watch it, I turn off my inner-critic and just try to get lost in the story.

It's really a matter of taste, but I prefer seeing the movie where they are not simply facing an enemy that needs a better phaser or a more powerful weapon. I enjoy watching them as detectives and explorers. I prefer the movie that creates two cultures and gives equal weight to them both. I enjoy the moral conundrum and the prism of entertainment to reflect what has happened in real life, as Star Trek often does. That film is Star Trek: Insurrection, and I watch it, on average, once-a-week. The fact is the Ba'ku are conceptually a Dominion War response that doesn't screw DS9. We found the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, the Dominion in the Gamma, if we continue to explore, aren't there at least a few xenophobes in the audience, wondering what is next? Also, the tone of the movie is perfect because a reaction to death and loss is to rejoice when the darkness is over, to relish the little things in life. So Data pets a fish because he lost a friend in the war, that type of thing.

As for Nemesis, as I have said before, I like the interplay with Picard and Shinzon. I sometimes fast-forward the action scenes and just watch Picard meet him, Picard have dinner with Shinzon, Picard get captured by Shinzon, and then the Ready-Room scene. It's interesting. As for the action sequences, I wasn't into it in the movie theater and I certainly am not into it now. They are so anti-climatic because we know the Enterprise won't be destroyed and the only thing at stake is destroying the Enterprise and killing the crew. If Riker was killed in the bowels of the ship, if the action wasn't so poorly done, maybe I give them a second glance, but the action is truly terrible and too much of the movie is about the action. Consider me burned out on Star Trek action sequences where nothing is lost, they always win, and no one in the cast is ever hurt.

Anyway, those are my thoughts:

1. Insurrection
2. Nemesis
3. Generations
4. First Contact
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