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TNG: The Light Fantastic by Jeffrey Lang Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I think it's no exaggeration to refer to The Light Fantastic (trivia) as one of the most hotly-anticipated releases of the year. Jeffrey Lang's Immortal Coil had already become one of the most-recommended TNG novels on the board (in a number of contexts, from Data- to tech- to continuity-heavy stories, and even locked room mysteries) by the time David Mack picked up the baton, cementing it as the starting point for a major sub-thread in the TrekLit continuity with his Cold Equations trilogy. Now Mr. Lang himself returns with a new chapter -- street date of June 25th.

Note the official blurb is very frank about all of this, including major plot spoilers for the afore-mentioned books:

Returning to the story begun in the novel Immortal Coil and continuing in the bestselling Cold Equations trilogy, this is the next fascinating chapter in the artificial life of one of Star Trek’s most enduring characters.

He was perhaps the ultimate human achievement: a sentient artificial life-form—self-aware, self-determining, possessing a mind and body far surpassing that of his makers, and imbued with the potential to evolve beyond the scope of his programming. And then Data was destroyed. Four years later, Data’s creator, Noonien Soong, sacrificed his life and resurrected his android son, who in turn revived the positronic brain of his own artificial daughter, Lal. Having resigned his commission, the former Starfleet officer now works to make his way on an alien world, while also coming to grips with the very human notion of wanting versus having a child. But complicating Data’s new life is an unexpected nemesis from years ago on the U.S.S. Enterprise—the holographic master criminal Professor James Moriarty. Long believed to be imprisoned in a memory solid, Moriarty has created a siphon into the "real" world as a being of light and thought. Moriarity wants the solid form that he was once told he could never have, and seeks to manipulate Data into finding another android body for him to permanently inhabit...even if it means evicting the current owner, and even if that is Data himself.

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