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In their defence they claim that the intent in the ME3 ending wasn't that the relays were destroyed, just damaged. Clearly splitting hairs and whether you actually believe them or not is your choice.
Yeah, I don't really believe them. Before the Extended Cut DLC, the Charon relay was clearly destroyed and not just "ruptured" or damaged like BioWare insists.
While I'm not defending them, I am willing to buy that a lot of this was mostly down to shortcuts taken in crunch time. It's clear that from a purely technical POV, the ending and a few other areas of the game was rushed and were delivered in a less than complete state. Hence the EC re-inserting things known to have been cut prior to launch.
I'm sure that had a great deal to do with it, yeah. Clearly the game needed at least another six months of development time (preferably another full year), because there were problems from start to finish, not just with the ending.

Oh well...
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