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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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I really don't get this.

TFF was at a level of stupid that Nemesis couldn't hope to replicate.

Nemesis isn't even my least favourite Next Gen movie, flawed as it was - Insurrection and especially Generations were worse.

TFF is just cringeworthy. Sybok, the God creature, flying to the centre of the galaxy, the effects, Uhura's dance, I could on and on. Utterly cringeworthy...
IMO, compared to Nemesis I'd say that Insurrection was quality entertainment and Generations was downright Oscar-worthy.
  • I found Sybok to be quite refreshing and Luckinbill's performance was superb.
  • What exactly did you find "cringe-worthy" about "God?"
  • I couldn't care less about the Enterprise flying to the center of the galaxy anymore than I could care less about it flying to the edge of the galaxy in multiple TOS episodes.
  • The effects (at least the ones in space) were pretty horrible, I'll give you that.
  • The only problem I have with Uhura's dance is that they didn't let Nichols actually sing the song.
As in all things, your mileage might vary.
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