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Re: Should "Star Trek IV" have introduced a different NCC-1701-A?

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I just want to know if I was the only one disappointed by the look of the NCC-1701-A.
Since the refit is my favourite Trek ship ever, no, I wasn't disappointed at all!

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I think the problem, if there even *is* a problem, is simply one of credibility for me: TWOK and TSFS are emphatic about Enterprise being in her twilight years. TSFS especially basically hangs a plot thread on "She's an old ship Jim, we don't need her anymore". So seeing a new Connie being wheeled out at the end of TVH, although a punch-the-air moment on an emotional level, ultimately contradicts Starfleet's previous stance on them not being fit for service any longer. You don't have an obselete car, but still continue to roll them off the production line just because a minority of people have an emotional affection for that particular make and model.
I have to agree with Mr. Laser Beam on this. To liken it to your car analogy, if someone had, say, a 1982 Toyota Camry, it might be too old to maintain cost-effectively. But since the Camry is still being made, you can go get a perfectly good 2014 model... which doesn't change the fact that the 1982 one might not be fit for use.
Actually, I look at that situation as similar to GM's J-body cars that debuted in 1982 and discontinued in 2004. The 1982 Chevy Cavalier, for instance, is like the original Enterprise. It was alright for the task it was designed for, and as time went on it was updated. The 1995 redesign is like the Enterprise refit: almost everything changed. However, toward the end the designers found that they couldn't fit all the gadgets people wanted in it so they had to stop making it, despite its popularity.

So consider the Enterprise-A in that light. It's an old design even if it was brand new (which I doubt). It wouldn't be able to take the new gadgets Starfleet would have wanted to stick on/in it. So the Enterprise A is like a 2004 Cavalier: obsolete when it was new.
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