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Re: Great new TMP pics!

"Nothing much new in those photos"

While I've not seen every TMP photo ever printed in publication, I have seen quite a lot back then, but definitely never that drydock wall painting for the rec room scene without the studio set in front of it.

These are obviously not just some well known publicity stills, but private behind the scenes photos courtesy of the Resella family, so I find this remark not helpful at all, to say the least.

But while we are at this, maybe somebody can explain THIS:

In Mytran's other thread (forced and faked Trek perspective drawings) it became rather clear, that just below the engine room set level they covered the floor with some kind of painted canvas to create the illusion of a long vertical engine core extending at least 5 deck levels down (the shadow towards Scotty's console indicates the end of the physical set element and the beginning of the painting):

The problem, obviously, is that the illusion requires a fixed position of the camera (Meyer took some liberties in the TWOK engine room inspection room scene if you look close at the wrinkled and reused canvas painting there).

In simpler language: The picture from the Resella family ("3 of 11" in the link) appears to be a different (earlier?) floor painting because it features a completely different viewing angle and with additional core segments!!!

If that isn't a little sensation, then I frankly don't know what would qualify as such.



Here is a graphic example how the illusion dissolves the moment the camera abandons its fixed position:

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