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Re: I have a confession to make

I like Nemesis, a lot even. It's flawed, but still enjoyable. As the last TNG movie, I think if the ending had been a little more upbeat it would be better remembered. Data dying and Picard's "family" scattering and his "son" dying - which brought up all the issues of all the other deaths in his family,it's pretty grim. Riker getting his own captaincy and marrying Troi were nice developments, but we needed more of that. At the least, let Beverly and Picard finally get together, and maybe do a little more with Wesley. With Shizon as the bad son, Wesley as the counterpart good son could've been a really neat theme to deal with. Give Picard a family, happy ending, heck, do the inevitable B4 as Data that was being telegraphed anyways.
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