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The Section-65 Saga: 2 complete stories - Please check them out!

Greetings fellow Star Trek fans, I'm hoping that some of you might enjoy the following - it came about through joint roleplay by myself and several other writers on the 'Independence Fleet' forums several years ago but I've since stitched together a complete narrative, cutting out the irrelevant side-plots and irrelevant characters to focus on a core group of 3-4 individuals and the main narrative (as well as making sense of some plot holes we'd originally created!).

The whole thing is a little unusual in that it's mostly written in the style of a movie-script rather than prose, but it swings between the two a little bit - overall I believe the result is that it's nice and readable though and very fast-paced. We never intended to win any awards for the quality of this, it's purely for fun. The tone is probably somewhat different from 'usual' Star Trek but something that is a mixture of TNG/DS9-era Trek, a spy thriller and an over-the-top 80's action movie.

In summary then, this an already-complete novel-sized story set in the Star Trek universe but with an original ship and cast of characters. Be wary if you're a hardcore fan that we take a few liberties with the lore such as inventing and then running wild with a whole new 'spy agency' within the Federation, the titular Section 65 who make Section 31 look like choir boys by comparison.

So... please take a look, the whole thing is in a Word document downloadable in a few seconds from the link below!

Of course any and all feedback is totally appreciated. If you enjoy it then there is a complete, once again novel-size sequel which has less of an over-arching plot but ups the craziness and 80's action movie cliches as well as walking and talking cats and Extraterrestrial Dinosaurs!
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