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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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Being XO doesn't mean you're next in line for the Captain's chair of your current assignment. Sisko is an experienced commander and war hero. In a real life military that would make him a top choice for the fleet's flagship. Kira may be a longer shot. Looking at Kira Lit history on Memory Beta, I see she is also an experienced commander and held the rank of Captain in Starfleet. So again, a real life military would see her as a viable commander for the Enterprise.

All those reasons make complete sense, but when it comes to TrekLit, those reasons don't always apply. And having Sisko, who was the main star of DS9, becoming the captain of the Enterprise, seems very fanboyish, like someone suggesting somewhere on the forum that a fanfilm with the E-E staffed by people from all shows. It's a bit to much I feel.

As for the reasons you mentioned of a n experienced captain, I pointed out earlier in this thread that I would like a complete new character. That would make the most sense to me. An older captain, preferably alien, that would take the center seat.
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