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Re: its Star Trek Vs 25th anniversary!

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Amazing how "far" the world has come in 25 years. Imagine if Shats original ideas for this movie were allowed to go forward, you'd have the orbital skydive and the attack of the rock monsters which would have been interesting but he wanted Kirk to find God. Not an alien, not some guy faking it, actually portray on screen The One True God, who I bet would have looked a lot like the final version the alien chooses to appear like anyway. Can you imagine how that would go over today? Shatner would have a fatwa on his head, assuming you could ever release the thing outside North America.
Just to clear up a couple of points.

The orbital skydive scene was the planned opening of Generations (which was neither written, nor directed by Shatner), NOT The Final Frontier.

In actuality, it was Shatner's plan to have Kirk find Satan pretending to be God. I don't have a problem with this myself and doubt that it would be all that controversial except to staunch non-believers.

As to my own reminiscing...

I had just graduated High School a few days before this film premiered. I initially loved it, then got annoyed with its obvious flaws. Thankfully, middle-age has mellowed me somewhat and the film remains one my favorites. Shatner's direction was awesome IMO and vastly superior to Nimoy's and Meyer's. It's a shame that there were so many problems going on during production and that Shatner had to compromise so much on what he actually wanted to initially do.

Like others have done in here, I fully acknowledge that the movie has some pretty big warts. Nevertheless, Star Trek V is definitely in my top three and, IMHO, is one of the two that captures the spirit of the Original Series the best (the other one being TMP).
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