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Re: Hannibal (TV series)

The second season was better than the first. I loved it, from the artful visuals (a real highlight of the show indeed) to seeing Will Graham incarcerated, Hannibal Lecter style. Seeing him turn into a killer was quite a turn. They're really taking some liberties there, I thought. I didn't suspect it was a ruse. Then there's the ending. With a bloodbath like that, I expected Will to wake up, revealing that it was a dream. Before reading that interview posted above, my hope was that everyone would make it but now I'm guessing that either Alana or Abigail (or both) don't make it.

So, they have a 7-season plan do they? I figured on 4 or 5. I really hope they can get this Clarice Starling business cleared up. It'd be a real shame if they had to move forward without her. I'm somewhat confident that they will clear it up. And I'm even more confident that the show will run the course. It's got the support of Netflix, where I just watched the entire season in 4 days. I was surprised that they put it up so soon. This is how I'll watch it from now on.
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