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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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I'd rather see Sisko stay on the Robinson. Moving him to the Enterprise seems too small-universey to me.
That's why all the names mentioned are to small-universe and far-fetched for me. Data has made it clear that he no intention (for the forsee-able future) to return to the Fleet, and even if he did, he won't simply be offered a command.
Kira,, Riker, Sisko, Ezri.... they would all be to fan-wankish and weird.

Worf or a new character are the only real logical choices. And if it's a new character, please let him/her be alien. And not a complete new one, but an established race, like Andorian or Tellarite.
How is Worf, a character from TNG and DS9 and a long time associate of Picards, less fan wanky and more logical than Kira, Riker, Sisko or any other Trek character?
Because he's currently the XO of the ship, and a more logical choice then all of the other characters who all have lives going in directions that have nothing to do with commanding the Enterprise, except for a 'kewl' factor for fans.
Although some fans still cling to the concept of Worf never getting a command because of what happened during DS9 and him choosing Dax over the mission, current TrekLit has already established that Starfleet got over that, and already offered him a command, which he turned down, since he didn't feel ready yet.
Personally, I feel that having Sisko or Kira commanding the Enterprise would a be decision on the same level of 'inspired' as when Seven and Chakotay suddenly became a couple in VOY. Meaning, a bunch of writers thought it would be 'awesome'.
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