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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Kinda surprised there's no mention of a solo Affleck-Batman movie in there. Much as I was hoping for a MOS sequel, I thought for sure we'd see another Batman movie before we ever saw another solo Superman movie.
There's been talk of doing a solo Batman movie in 2020, which would be three years after Justice League (and eight years after The Dark Knight Rises). That is, if Justice League is slated for May 2017 as rumored.

Word on the street is that WB wants to wait some time before commissioning another solo Batman adventure in order to have enough time pass after Nolan's Batman trilogy, which honestly makes a lot of sense (something Sony could have benefited from with their Amazing Spider-Man reboot if they didn't have the rights issue to contend with). Especially if Kevin Smith's comments are true about WB's intention of doing team-up movies for now on, which given the Green Lantern/Flash team-up movie rumor might be true.

However, by 2020, it might be time for a new Batman reboot anyway. Ben Affleck is at least signed for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman and Justice League, but not much is known after that. Ben Affleck is also 41 and in six years he'll be 47, which might be too old for Batman. I could see WB opting for a different actor (also, would Affleck wanna continue to play Batman for that long) or I could even see Affleck working as an older Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie... if WB ever goes that route.
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