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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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I don't get how mistakes like this happen. You'd think a requirement for remastering/transferring a film would be watching the original.

Look at some of the behind the scene from TNG-HD, you almost always see an editor with both the newly scanned film and the original tapes for comparison.
The release of the six original movies was just a hasty attempt to cash in on the release of the Abrams movie.

According to Digitalbits' Bill Hunt Paramount didn't even realize they didn't have the Director's cuts ready for release on Blu-ray. They only had time to properly restore 1 of the 6 movies and picked TWOK. They were in a big hurry and probably overlooked or didn't care to check on what the proper color timing is for the movie.

Trekcore has dozens of comparison shots from the DVD vs. the Blu-ray.
The color is off thru-out the movie--not just for a few shots.
It just so happens that it is more glaringly obvious in those Regula shots.

They also didn't have time to (or didn't care to) compile deleted scenes for 2, 3,4 and 6. All they could manage was another set of commentaries for the movies.

It's laughable when listening to the new commentary for TWOK to hear Meyer pause mid-sentence when he realizes that he is not watching his Director's cut and mumble, "why are they showing this version?"---to paraphrase
WTF? The guy who supposedly was overseeing the restoration didn't even know what version he was being shown?

It was a quick cynical lazy attempt to re-sell a product that they had sold many, many times before without doing any pre-planning or giving it much thought.

They probably figured, "We'll sell them a more deluxe version again in the future."---

EXCEPT that is dependent on the bean counters telling them that the additional work will be cost effective in terms of reselling the product to the same group for the umpteenth time.

I very much doubt it will be. By now, 4 years later most fans have broken down and bought the movies for as little as $5.

Besides a few diehards like some in this thread--there just isn't a huge market for another dip.

As for 2016 as the last best hope of getting the Director's cuts/deluxe non DNRed versions---that depends on what they have in mind to sell us in 2016.

They may launch a new series, they may announce DS9 on Blu-ray, they may release the Animated series on Blu-ray, they may re-release the the first two Abrams movies in a deluxe set, etc.

Yes, it's probably the last, best hope, but it's not a sure bet by any means.
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