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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Considering I'm the one who wrote it, and I know exactly what I said and what I meant, yes. Yes it really was.

Try reading everything except the last sentence which I excluded above, since, apparently, that's fucking throwing you two.
So now you want us to judge a portion of your post now and not the actual post you wrote? Well that sure is convenient.

.....we know.

[I] All I've said is "no, not really".

It does seem pretty logical to helpfully point out to someone so obviously confused by the relationship of characters vs actual real life writers.

Not me. I'm blaming the god damned writers, because the character has nothing to do with it.
Why does it sound like you're having an angry cry? Take a deep breath, son.
That's good advice for BOTH of you to take, please.
Calmer than you Neroon, calmer than you.
Ice up son, ice up.
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