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Re: Reusing actors and actresses in new characters

I understand what BillJ and others mean about small universe syndrome, and for long running viewers it can jump you out of the show when you realise its someone who played larger role in a previous series.

Two examples would be J.G. Hertzler with the pair of Klingons he played during Enterprise or Casey Biggs who was left without Warp Drive by Enterprise in the Expanse, funnily I watched this episode the other day and was thinking of this exact problem (although I will admit it was more of a jolt to see him play someone other than Damar in Enterprise than the Mentalist episode he was in).

Im going to contradict myself though and say that Jeffery Combs I would be happy to see in Trek again as I enjoyed seeing what he could bring to so many roles and I am very much looking forward to seeing J.G. Hertzler play a human in Axanar.
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