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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

Well, as a big Captain Marvel fan I hated the change. Then I realised that, with the personality change, DC's Shazam no longer resembled the real, original Captain Marvel in anything but appearance. His whole premise is different. So, I can say that my favorite DC hero, Captain Marvel, isn't being used by DC anymore. The character that at one point outsold Superman got thrown away, and Shazam is basically a legacy hero, like when Dick Grayson became Batman. The real Billy Batson is dead, and the angsty teen with the same name is just some random d-bag. He is one of the worst rebooted heroes, and I hope he doesn't get a movie, and eventually fades away from the comics like other reboot failures Voodoo, Grifter, Static, etc. The big red cheese will always be my favorite DC hero, but Shazam needs to disappear. He definitely doesn't need a movie.
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