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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Also Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel now. Marvel comics owns the Trademark for the name. Go Carol Go!
This has been the case for decades. I think DC finally just gave up on calling him Captain Marvel.
Yeah I think so as well. Because of the TM deal with Marvel, all of DC's Captain Marvel comics had to be titled Shazam. Also most casual readers identified Billy Baston as Shazam because that's the word he spoke to activate his powers. It irked me a little bit when they did this for New52, but after reading the comic, I liked the change. It's not like Shazam is an inappropriate name or that the wizard who shares the name was that influential to the story telling. More power to both DC and Marvel for doing different things with their characters. Especially Carol Danvers. Funny thing is, Supergirl during the 90's was called Linda Danvers. DC and Marvel always lifting ideas from one another.
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