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Re: Why women dosen't display their Ranks ?

The nuMovies are actually rather exceptionally excused from displaying rank on the usual red-gold-blue uniforms...

In TOS, it seemed that red-gold-blue was worn by everybody everywhere, except when gold became green for pompous occasions. Starship crews wore it, starbase crews wore it, even dress uniforms proudly featured the bright colors.

In nuMovies, though, the red-gold-blue thing seems to be reserved solely for the crews of starships while on assignment. Nobody down on Earth will be caught dead wearing those in public. Suddenly, the bright colors become the analogue to the coverall color coding of aircraft carrier deck teams, and whatever is indicated by the color (the jury is still out on that, in all the timelines and spinoffs) is far more important than rank or identity. Plus, aboard a starship, everybody knows everybody anyway (although in TOS it was a bit easier than in nuMovies, considering the crew size difference!).

Granted that the planetside uniforms in nuMovies don't differentiate very well, either. In the first movie, the reds and dark greys worn at the Academy were not exclusive to cadets and instructors: many a character identified as a commissioned officer wore those, too. Where were the rank identifiers in the reds? The epaulets had space reserved for rank, but that went unused. The greys didn't have epaulets. But again, that supposedly was Academy-only wear.

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