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Re: I have a confession to make

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It's funny. I first saw Nemesis the day after seeing Attack of the Clones for the first time (yes, I was coming a bit late to that party), so I spent most of the movie comparing Nemesis not to other Trek movies but to Clones, which was still fresh in my mind.

I remember thinking that Clones had better SFX and action, but Nemesis had much better dialogue and characterization.
Both movies were terrible, but AOTC at least had some decent CGI eyecandy. I loved the Corruscant scenes, but that's about it. I mostly tuned out of the rest of the film.

Nemesis on the other hand, well, what's the only thing I can say I honestly like about it? I like the fact that the Enterprise is able to take many hits to its shields without the interior ripping apart at the seams (as every TNG - post TNG Trek portrays Starship combat)

The biggest difference is: I had zero emotional investment in AOTC (or any Star Wars for that matter).

I was, however, hoping for a kick ass TNG movie, and I honestly thought Nemesis would be it. How sadly mistaken I was
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