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Re: Why women dosen't display their Ranks ?

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I find it hard to think of Chapel as "entry level".
Like I said, she still could have taken an entry-level position. She is a lieutenant in TMP, the same grade as Chekov whom we know was an ensign in TOS.

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She's not, neither was Noel. It's just people grasping to try and win a point.
Nah. Even if Chapel didn't wear stripes she was entitled to, we know that rank insignia were worn on the sleeves of women's TOS uniforms. So it's not comparable to the sleeveless uniforms in ST09/STID in the first place.
She was a Lieutenant in TAS as well. Supposedly she was the CMO in TMP. I'd think as such, Lt. Commander would haven more appropriate.

McCoy's short sleeve tunic lacks rank insignia.
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