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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads


I thought this one was a bit boring, for the most part anyway. Though I did like hearing about Garybaldi's past, and the security woman was hot. A nice twist, which I did see coming, but it was still a nice twist I thought. But the parts were he was just running around talking to the ambassadors were a bit boring, it was like it was supposed to be a tension filled chase, like the fugitive...but it had no tension. It still was good though.

"By Any Means Necessary"

I liked this one a lot, I enjoyed seeing that there was still a working class who worked in mines etc, and the same problems still persist into those days. I thought the solution to the problems was a little weak, surely such a blatant loophole wouldn't have been allowed? But it wasn't a total loss, because they made it pretty clear towards the end that Sinclair was in trouble. The ambassador plant/statue stuff was funny, between Londo and the other guy. I thought it was a solid episode overall.

"Signs and Portents"

I'm not sure what the hell was happening, but it was still a DAMN cool episode. First of, who the hell was that guy going round and asking the people what they wanted? I'm not sure if I they specified this, or if I just missde it completely. I assumed that he wasn't human, and that he was part of another Empire, perhaps smaller, left alone or unknown to Earth? That ship which took the raiders out in one shot, that was his ship right which is how he got? The battle scenes were awesome, finally got to see B5 in action and some good space battles. I also had my question about why Sinclair was in command at such a low rank, interesting. Some nice twists in there with the eye, and the prophecy that B5 would be destroyed was a good build up to a future arc. Though I assume it doesn't get destroyed cause there are 5 seasons

Random thoughts

- Garybaldi looks like a loyal puppy dog

- Ivanova has a weird voice

- Sinclair looks like Christian Bale sometimes

- I don't really like the sets, they look like cardboard a lot of the time, but I can live with it.
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