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Re: Movies Seen In 2014

So much ground to cover again. I need to do a better job of keeping you guys updated on my movie watching. I'm sure you're on pins and needles awaiting my next post.

45. Godzilla ★★1/2 - Slightly disappointing. The movie gets a little too silly for my tastes near the end, especially after all of the build up of this being a dark and gritty version of Godzilla. No character development other than Bryan Cranston's character at all.
46.X-Men: Days of Future Past ★★★★ - Possibly my favorite X-Men movie. I was enthralled from beginning to end. It was a nice blending of First Class and the original cast that was emotionally engaging.
47. Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★ - It'll take quite a lot to top this as my favorite sci-fi film of the year. I laughed out loud several times and was kind of sad when the film ended. Tom Cruise is still "hella fun" to watch.
48. Grand Piano ★★★ - Elijah Wood must play every note perfectly at a concert - or DIE! It's a nice blend of comedy and thriller.
49. In Fear ★★★ - The movie isn't consistent all the way through, but it's worth it for the first hour at least. A couple gets stranded in the woods in Ireland and is stalked by a psychopath. Iain De Caestecker of AGENTS of S.H.I.E.L.D. plays the lead and is really good.
50. Oculus ★★1/2 - It could have been a lot better. They assembled a great cast and had some decent special effects and camework, but it's still about a possessed mirror at the end of the day.
51. A Horrible Way to Die ★★1/2 - Joe Swanberg and Amy Seimetz do their best, but it's a forgettable entry from Adam Wingard, who is hit or miss from me.
52. Jodorowsky's Dune ★★★★ - This is truly the greatest film never made. I'm a huge Dune fan, and I was captivated by listening to Jodorowsky's passion about the project, and the man still looks damn good to be in his 80's.
53. The Double (2013) ★★★ - Jesse Eisenberg gets increasingly annoyed at his doppelganger. This movie is kind of hard to describe. The director's only other film is Submarine, which I really enjoyed - but the movies are quite different.
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