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Re: Who are the cast of Seekers?

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^ Pretty much. We're picking up ships and characters from Vanguard, but we're not looking to replicate the tone or structure of Vanguard. Whereas the saga was close-ended, and was rather dark and gritty, Seekers is meant to be open-ended, and to return to the sense of finding adventure in the final frontier, and trying to leave people and places better than we found them.
Sorry, I guess I didn't explain it well.

Before I'd read Vanguard, TOS wasn't "real" to me. It was hokey and strange and something that never really clicked for a child of the 80's who grew up watching TNG (Which has it's own ironies I'm sure, but still).

After having read Vanguard, my perception of the larger TOS era shifted. It gave me the ability to see past the limitations of 60's design, special effects, and aesthetic to see a world that was 'believable' as the 22nd century.

Many of Greg Cox' novels are TOS adventure tales, and I've found myself enjoying them quite a bit, but I never would have really given them a fair shake if not for the perspective that I got through reading Vanguard.

Tonally, I'm not expecting Death and Destruction on a Cosmic Scale or dark and gritty what-have-you, etc.

What I am expecting though is the TOS Era I've come to appreciate combined with the excellent writing we've all come to enjoy throughout Trek Lit over the past Decade or more telling new stories with new characters in an Era I'd basically written off due to my own past presumption.
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