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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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Personally, I would love to see a shorter time jump ahead (40-45 years) to STO's Enterprise-F, but that would be the only aspect of STO that I'd like to see. Otherwise, I'd like to have it with new characters and situations from the novelverse rather than the game.
The Star Trek multiverse is large enough to host several timelines. We are used to different eras, so why not get used to different universes and different timelines as well?
I just don't like all of them at the same time.
Or, why even set a series in a single timeline? It worked with DS9's Season 9 already, which involved the MU.
It didn't work for me (but then just a little of the MU goes an extremely long way for me).
Now that I think of it, your idea, Evans, would have the advanage of a new setting while still keeping familiar characters around. With the life expectancy established, basically everyone we know from the 24th and late 23rd centuries is still around.
I was thinking sometime around the early 25th-Century (circa 2410), close enough to technically be a continuation of the TNG movie era (which probably would be late 2390 if they were still being made today).
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