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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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But hey if you're happy with the color and the cut of the first Blu-ray ----you're all set already.

Hopefully the fans of the DC can get their wish as well.
I certainly have no problem with the colour timing on the BD - in fact - it looks rather good actually. Although I definitely have a propensity towards "purism" when it comes to movies, I like to think I remain open minded enough to judge something on its individual merits. In the case of the TWOK BD, the colour timing looks excellent to my eye, I therefore accept it.

That doesn't mean I reject or dislike the original in any way - quite the opposite. I would happily double dip on a seamlessly branched disc containing both cuts of the film - restoring the perhaps more familiar balance of colours. I'm positive this will happen at some point, so we'll all be happy as you say!

But, yes, you're right, I prefer the theatrical version of the movie by a landslide!
The Blu-Ray version looks like they reduced the oversaturated red of the original, but reduced too much of it, so now it looks like it has a blue filter attached.

Personally I like things looking properly color balanced, BUT the biggest thing is to get better resolution.
Unquestionably, a couple of scenes have been radically and just plain altered - as in the cap of the Regula Planetoid at the head of this thread. However, most of the film merely appears to have the blooming reds of antecedent home video releases toned down a little - as you say.

I honestly don't see any evidence of a particular blue push across the vast majority of the transfer.
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