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Re: Remembering D-Day and Doohan

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James Stewart, Ronald Reagan and many, many other famous actors were decorated World War II veterans.
Ronald Reagan spent the war in California making movies (in the same unit as Deforest Kelley), which is fine because that's where the army wanted him, but he was not awarded any decorations. Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, GHW Bush and of course Eisenhower were decorated in the war.

As far as actors and D-Day go, Charles Durning landed on Omaha beach on D-Day. Richard Todd parachuted in around Caen. David Niven was part of the operation but did not arrive in France for a few days after the initial landings. Alec Guinness was a landing craft officer in the Sicily invasion, I have read that he was at Normandy but I'm not sure about that. Art Carney went into Normandy as a replacement soldier about a month after the invasion.
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