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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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I would love to see the Trek novels start over 100 or so years in the future. Completely reinvent the universe like "TNG" did, and give us a new crew on board the Enterprise-G or -H.

No idea how realistic that would be, but it could be fun.
Or as an animated series, like the Star Trek: Final Frontier project attempted. Only less apocalyptical, that is. If that series focused on singular episodes and its characters, only hinting at backstory events, it would leave a lot of breathing room to 24th century novels and/or the STO timeline - if it would be set in any of those timelines at all.
Personally, I would love to see a shorter time jump ahead (40-45 years) to STO's Enterprise-F, but that would be the only aspect of STO that I'd like to see. Otherwise, I'd like to have it with new characters and situations from the novelverse rather than the game.
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