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Re: its Star Trek IIIs 30th anniversary!

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The Search for Spock is my favourite STAR TREK movie and definitely one of the best. It is a landmark picture, in that it is the first movie directed by a cast member, it introduced familiar starship models and props that were reused in virtually all the movies and television series until the reboot, and the first movie where the starship actually gets blown up. Nimoy's technical direction is "OK." What I really like, however, is the cinematography and the tonality of the movie's conclusion. My one and only complaint is that ILM disliked the pearlescent finish on the Enterprise model and repainted it, with a flat finish. The reflections in the paint, before, really gave the model "presence" - and was a unique look, insofar as I am aware. Anyway, this is a fine entry and it was the last time STAR TREK took itself seriously in movie form.
I totally agree with this assessment, particularly your last sentence.
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