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Re: Who Should Be the Next Captain of the Enterprise?

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I would love to see the Trek novels start over 100 or so years in the future. Completely reinvent the universe like "TNG" did, and give us a new crew on board the Enterprise-G or -H.

No idea how realistic that would be, but it could be fun.
Or as an animated series, like the Star Trek: Final Frontier project attempted. Only less apocalyptical, that is. If that series focused on singular episodes and its characters, only hinting at backstory events, it would leave a lot of breathing room to 24th century novels and/or the STO timeline - if it would be set in any of those timelines at all.

Enterprise-J would be a good point to start with, as we've seen that ship before. It could even be redesigned, because it originally stems from an obsolete timeline.
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