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Re: Why women dosen't display their Ranks ?

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Every variation of the normal uniform should show rank.
So what was Counselor Troi's rank in TNG season 3? Or Seven of Nine's rank... EVER?
Troi wasn't wearing a uniform variant, as she was later specifically ordered by Jellicoe to shift into uniform.

Rank is very important in the military.
It isn't in Starfleet.
Except the times when it is. If it was important enough to show rank on long-sleeved uniforms, there must also be reasons to show it on the short sleeved ones, since they are worn in the same working environments. To make no provision for displaying rank on those uniforms does seem a minor shortcoming.
There was that episode where O'Brien says somethinglike, "I believe Counselor Troi holds the rank of Lt-Commander" , and Ro is incredulous. Without the rank displayed, IMO, they just forget that all Starfleet officers are trained officers so yeah, the short-sleeved versions should display rank and just because costumers didn't bother in TOS doesn't excuse this now.

TOS Chapel would not have a stripe since she was an ensign. She becomes a Lieutenant in TAS but I have no idea if they started to display her rank stripe at that point. I deem it unlikely.

However, IMO, even ensigns should have a stripe like the broken stripe in TMP otherwise how to distinguish your non-coms?
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