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Re: First Contact Time Travel Plot

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Frankly, I have a hard time imagining that Patrick Stewart would have been happy with the script had Picard been part of the fish-out-of-water comedy storyline.
Or even better, they could have changed it so that Cochrane wasn't the drunk womanizing idiot that he was portrayed as.
My God yes this is the thing I hated most about the movie!!!!

It starts off as a pretty decent sci-fi action flick....for about 5 mins. Then the rest of the movie is half spending time with Drunkie, and the other half is the Borg Queen trying to have sex with Data.

"Drunkie" is never, for even one second, believable to me as a man genius enough to be the inventor of Warp Drive. He's barely passable as a typical low IQ redneck.

Fucking Paramount's shoving of "comedy" in every Trek movie since ST IV is the culprit for this.
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