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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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But hey if you're happy with the color and the cut of the first Blu-ray ----you're all set already.

Hopefully the fans of the DC can get their wish as well.
I certainly have no problem with the colour timing on the BD - in fact - it looks rather good actually. Although I definitely have a propensity towards "purism" when it comes to movies, I like to think I remain open minded enough to judge something on its individual merits. In the case of the TWOK BD, the colour timing looks excellent to my eye, I therefore accept it.

That doesn't mean I reject or dislike the original in any way - quite the opposite. I would happily double dip on a seamlessly branched disc containing both cuts of the film - restoring the perhaps more familiar balance of colours. I'm positive this will happen at some point, so we'll all be happy as you say!

But, yes, you're right, I prefer the theatrical version of the movie by a landslide!
The Blu-Ray version looks like they reduced the oversaturated red of the original, but reduced too much of it, so now it looks like it has a blue filter attached.

Personally I like things looking properly color balanced, BUT the biggest thing is to get better resolution.

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The funny thing is that they went back and supposedly found the TWOK original negative was so bad that thye decided to completely restore it complete with a 4K scan.

So they cleaned up the one that was the hardest to restore and then took all the other 5 movies and just rescanned existing prints at 1080p. Then they did a quick clean-up on those with standard 2K scans.

So we got one out of six true restorations and five that are just scanned at 1080p with a later digital clean-up.

I know these aren't huge money makers for Paramount at this point but that's pretty lazy and a real slap to the loyal fans who have been supporting Trek on video for over 30 years on multiple formats.

I would be real sad if in 2016 we get the Director's cuts in a less than stellar release (no branching, no true restoration, no color correction, no deleted scenes), BUT on the other hand we probably won't get the director's cuts at all.....
What else should we expect from Paramount. They think everything Trek before JJ Abrams is for dying old nerds. Maybe they blame declining ratings of DS9 and VOY, and ENT was the nail on the coffin.

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It makes sense that KHAN would be the one to get the best treatment given how the process is expensive. As you said, only reserved for a small number of movies, usually the classics. RoboCop will get 4K restoration, but none of the sequels ever will. That doesn't mean the other films couldn't have gotten an impressive transfer without a 4K restoration, as the latter James Bond and Indiana Jones films showed. It's just a shame Paramount went with the more cheaper approach by applying the DNR and calling it a day.
DNR is the bain of film restoration. I don't want my grain taken away completely, the grain is what gives film it's texture! By all means if they want to take some it away, fine, but I think too many blu ray releases have been overzealous in their attempts to scrub the picture clean.
Exactly. A little grain is necessary to keep the illusion of a sharper picture. Too much DNR is blurring the image and defeating the purpose of even having a movie on BD.
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