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Re: Favorite Movie Ending

  • TMP had a great ending. Left the possibility of more adventures.
  • TWoK had an optimistic ending despite the tragedy that occurred a few minutes earlier. Spock's funeral is touching, hearing Leonard Nimoy say the famous Trek speech was wonderful, and it instilled hope. However, it loses points for obviously setting up a sequel.
  • TSFS never felt like a true ending to me. Somehow, it always seemed to just trail off.
  • TVH had a decent ending, a bit too contrived and though I hate to condemn it for what followed, the beginning of TFF negates it, as we learn shortly after we left the characters, the Enterprise conked out, somehow got a bridge overhaul and everyone went on Shore Leave, except Scotty, who was left to clean up the mess.
  • Arguably, the ending of TFF is the best part of the movie. However, again, it is ruined a bit by it's sequel. TUC begins sometime later with Kirk back to hating Klingons. While I don't expect the ending of TFF is enough to change Kirk's opinion of his life-long enemies and Kruge's race, TFF made it seem like he'd at least soften on his view of them
  • TUC had a bit of a downer ending. After saving the day, again, the Enterprise is just to report home to be decommissioned, only to have it fly off into the sun.
  • Generations had a good ending. Far from my favorite movie in the series, its ending is very well done. Picard shows growth and gets closure on his brother and nephew's deaths. Again, it's a hopeful ending
  • FC had a decent ending, but it felt like a "Well, everything's honkey dorey, time to take off" kind of ending
  • INS had the weakest of the TNG movie endings. Made worse by the fact that you realize the Enterprise is stuck inside the Briar Patch without warp capability
  • NEM had a good ending, which appears mostly in deleted scenes.

So, I give it to TMP, with TWoK and Generations as runner-ups.
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