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Re: New to DS9...

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I've seen TNG (My personal favourite series), TOS and Enterprise (My 2nd favourite. I just love it so much). I'm in need of more Trek and Voyager just won't do.

The major gripe I have with DS9 is Sisko. Brooks' portayal just seems so over-the-top for me. He puts me off and as the main guy, pushes me away from the series. I don't think I can bear 7 seasons with this guy. I've seen about 4 episodes...I couldn't even finish the pilot.

The reason for my thread is this, I NEED new Trek. Therefore, can you niners direct me to the best season with which to start the series? 2?3?
Hmmm...I could never, ever suggest that someone skip episodes while watching for the first time. That's what rewatches are for.

Unlike TNG, VOY, and ENT....DS9 is not episodic. It's a continuous, evolving story. You can't really skip any on a first watch!

EDIT: OH DERP! Just saw that you finished it. Glad you enjoyed it! I disagree with some of your points about the Bajorans and also Dax. And I loved the Prophet/Emissary plotline but dislike how it ended. But anyway glad you liked it!

Agreed on Jeffrey Combs. He is one of the best, if not the best, guest actors. I have to give super major props to Andrew Robinson as Garak and Marc Alaimo as Dukat though.

Meh Ezri is cute but it was annoying that Jadzia Dax gets killed off RIGHT before the show is about to end (I know it was Terry Farrell's choice but they were so close to being done!). I cried so hard when she died...because she had just gotten married, etc.
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