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Re: Star Trek TNG Reboot coming?

It's interesting, actually, that because Sir Patrick Stewart was old and bald in TNG and even today, is still old and bald, that this somehow equates to not having aged.

He looks ... really decrepit now in a way that's kind of scarey, honestly. Like maybe he really needs to get started on his Bucket List. Actors, especially the great ones, almost don't seem real, somehow. They age so slowly, because of a little tuck here and there, along the way and a thick base of make-up, when they're onscreen. But sure enough, Time catches up with them and it's always a shock, like "how could that happen?" When The Shat, or Nimoy go ... I dread ... I so dread the mourning and lamentation STAR TREK fans are in for. And Stewart won't be very far behind, I'm afraid to say ...
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