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Re: Twelve Reasons I Love Star Trek Into Darkness

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He often allowed spats between McCoy and Spock to go on before, during and after the mission.
Never at the detriment of the mission.
I didn't say that. I remember a couple/few times he reined them in with a "Not now..." in the past. This incident didn't happen, as has been clearly pointed out numerous times, at a time requiring full concentration on the mission, they were in transit and as such some off topic chatter wasn't in violation of any protocols, nor did it represent something we'd never seen occurring before in teh canon.

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...again... the reason the military has rules that prohibit relationships such as this in the same chain of command.
Modern militaries.

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And just how selfish and un-Star Fleet is Uhura's whine?
Un Star Fleet... perhaps. But totally Human.

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"At that volcano, you didn't give a thought to us. What it would do to me if you died, Spock. You didn't feel anything. You didn't care. And I'm not the only one who's upset with you. The Captain is, too."

Didn't she kiss him on the helmet and send him on his way? Don't Star Fleet Officers understand the risk?
That's all true, but I think you, (and some others in the past) have missed what it was she was truly angry about. I don't want to just blurt it out as it was very nuanced, meant to be picked up on by the viewer, and I don't want to spoil that moment.

I'll just say rewatch the volcano scene again paying close attention for an event concerning Spock/Uhura immediately after the situation is defused. A specific moment...
Warp Speed, Mister Nimoy.
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