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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

The funny thing is that they went back and supposedly found the TWOK original negative was so bad that thye decided to completely restore it complete with a 4K scan.

So they cleaned up the one that was the hardest to restore and then took all the other 5 movies and just rescanned existing prints at 1080p. Then they did a quick clean-up on those with standard 2K scans.

So we got one out of six true restorations and five that are just scanned at 1080p with a later digital clean-up.

I know these aren't huge money makers for Paramount at this point but that's pretty lazy and a real slap to the loyal fans who have been supporting Trek on video for over 30 years on multiple formats.

I would be real sad if in 2016 we get the Director's cuts in a less than stellar release (no branching, no true restoration, no color correction, no deleted scenes), BUT on the other hand we probably won't get the director's cuts at all.....
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