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Re: Twelve Reasons I Love Star Trek Into Darkness

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Now, I know that J.J. Abrams has made it known to all that he's not a STAR TREK fan. Well, I find that a little hard to believe, based on the evidence presented to us, so far.
I'm pretty sure the "I was never really a Star Trek fan" (or however that quote goes) was part of the same Paramount marketing concern about Star Trek insularity that also led to the similarly distancing "not your father's Star Trek" tagline.
I've always wondered how good the movies would've been if he had been a big fan.

(Given he's such a big SW fan, if karma really is a bitch, watch his Star Wars be full of nothing but fanboy fanwank. "Only I know what Star Wars really is, and this is movie is mine, mine, all mine! It's my way or I take my mystery box and go home!" )
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