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Re: Director's cuts in blu-ray?

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And yes, TWOK must be color-correct. While I think the restored version has a fresh look to it, the color is just wrong. That is NOT the movie we saw in theaters or have owned on multiple formats for decades.
The TWOK DE is certainly not the movie we saw in theatres either. With alternate, and inferior, takes of key scenes and unnecessary additions like the Peter Preston "comedy banter" with Kirk in engineering - which only served to slow the prefect pacing of the original down.

Also, although I do believe the original is closer, do we have any definite proof which versions colour timing is correct? I certainly can't remember what I saw in theatres, and there hasn't been any "official" statement about it. Just saying.

I have and had dozens of vintage pictures from the movie including shots of the Regula "half-sphere" model as it was being filmed by the FX people and it was always brownish-red as was the movie itself and all the promo material at the time.

So yeah it is wrong on the Blu-ray and although I much prefer the Director's cut--any new Blu-ray should have the original cut included as well via seamless branching. But hey if you're happy with the color and the cut of the first Blu-ray ----you're all set already.

Hopefully the fans of the DC can get their wish as well.
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