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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

Diverting the topic towards One Constant Star...

It was a slow start but I kept on it for the final 40%, finishing it in two sittings. It's a strong book, almost great - except for the open questions. Good thing we have a thread to seek their answers!

1) I gather the arachnoids weren't the Rejarrians, or their descendants? So, what happened to them? Did the portal bring them somewhere else and had reset to a different location by the time Excelsior arrived?

2) If the stars and location were completely unknown, how could Harriman find Odyssey in the unknown starscape?

3) Where there any other civilizations in "Demora's universe" (named by Harriman)? Did Enterprise just fly straight to Odyssey without meeting anybody? Also, did they explore that universe while they were there, like leaving behind probes along the way?

Back to praising the book: It was truly thrilling when the lives of the characters hung (or is it hang?) in the balance. I knew Harriman would live and kept thinking how Chakotay met an Admiral Sulu, but at any point before Enterprise arrived in Demora's universe, the lives of Captains Sulu were threatened. I wondered, could this be the novel were Hikaru Sulu, TOS main character, dies? He didn't have to to make the novel worthwhile but I love those moments when it feels like anything could happen.

We knew that Enterprise wouldn't be lost in 2319 because Garrett ponders the 1701-B's loss in 2328 in Well of Souls (or was it in The Art of the Impossible?)

Concerning the registry of starships: I'm surprised by Christopher's info that nostalgic registry numbers are impractical. I hadn't thought of it that way. Maybe it is impractical to us Humans but is a (common) alien influence on Starfleet? We know Klingons, Andorians and Ferengi also use registry numbers (from CCG and The Tears of Eridanus). Moreover, we got USS Relativity NCV-474439-G from canon, and (weirdly) USS Nash NCC-2010-5. Reusing registry numbers would explain some unusual numbers, like USS Constellation's NCC-1017, which precedes Constitution's NCC-1700 - maybe there was an earlier NCC-1017 and the registry just got reused?

Btw, in a timeline where the Borg weren't wiped out in 2381 (namely, the STO timeline), we have a ship in service in 2409 called USS Excelsior NCC-2000-D.

This book is also a treasure trove for Memory Beta. There are numerous ship names and registries given, including shuttlecraft (even three with registry number!), and we get references to the Larson-class, as well as two named shuttlecraft types, Class H and Gagarin-class!

Before I get to technical, the character work was superb. I liked all the characters and their interactions, regardless of whether they were from canon or litverse only. A good example is Linojj's reminiscing about her past, which effortlessly teaches us more about Boslic history and her character, all in one go!
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