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^For the next film Orci had better prove himself a true Star Trek fan by putting in established Star Trek species like Andorians and Tellarites and not all these first-time generic aliens.
Umm... TOS used Andorians and Tellarites only three times, only once as speaking roles. TNG, DS9, and VGR never used them at all except in occasional passing allusions. Only ENT really embraced and developed them.

If anything, Star Trek has always had a habit of inventing new aliens rather than reusing old ones. Edoans, Vendorians, etc. from TAS, most of the background species from TMP and TVH, countless one-shot races in all the shows... If anything you have it backward, and ignoring previously established aliens in favor of new ones is part of the decades-long tradition of Star Trek. It's a frustrating part, but it's simply incorrect to claim that it's not part of "real" Trek.

Not to mention that it's ridiculous to use a filmmaker's fandom as a gauge of the quality of their work. Nicholas Meyer wasn't a Trek fan, and people seem to like what he did with it. Indeed, many of the problems with STID were due to excessive fanboyism, like the gratuitous TWOK homages. I'd rather see them tell an original story than just give us another collection of reworkings of familiar characters and situations.
I'm ambivalent. On the one hand, I'm a big fan of them re-imaging and expanding on 'established' alien races over yet another random alien. Andorians were allegedly avoided in TNG because they took a deliberate decision to avoid TOS aliens and because they felt that the antennae would look lame. However, I personally have always loved Andorians and their inclusion in ENT was one of the best things about the show.

The flip side is that so-called fanboys will be divided on what they do with those established races. Some people rage at the changes to the Klingon appearance and I personally was unimpressed at the suggestion that Caitians shave to look sexier to humans.

On balance I come down on the side of them re-using 'classic' aliens more often in both the movies and the comics. I'm a fan of the assorted Rec Deck scene in TMP.
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