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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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Something else that concerns me is, how long will the two companies continue to support/sell their older systems? Sony was really good about this, seemingly realizing that not everyone can afford the latest, greatest in they continued to support the PS2 well into PS3's production life. M$ pretty much dropped the original Xbox not too long into the 360's production life.
Define "support". Sony has no announced PS3 games that I'm aware of (though many third parties like EA are still dual-platforming; Ubisoft is the only exception I can name right now). Their last game was, what, Gran Turismo 6?

I'd argue that Sony's dropped support already, myself.

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The devil in the details: Sony dropped backwards compatibility not long after 360 did, meaning that if you wanted to continue to play PS2 titles, and did not have an original 60GB model of the PS3, you either had to hope you still had a PS2, or had to go buy one (relatively inexpensive as they are.).
360 never dropped backwards compatibility; they did stop adding more titles at some point, but even a new Xbox 360 E should still be able to play the backwards-compatible Xbox [1] titles.
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