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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

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People: he has now three times made character judgments based on a summary that we have told him is misleading and woefully incomplete, but which he still says is complete and detailed anyway, based on nothing but his own stubbornness. Clearly: we're not going to win this one.

I think it's time to let this argument die.

EDIT: Though I did just realize - this book actually is mentioned in the wider continuity, events in the book are featured quite seriously in DS9: Mission Gamma: Twilight.
And Gell Kamemor, who was introduced in Serpents, is now the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire.
Well, good characters can come from bad sources/stories. I like her, although hearing that she was connected to that stupid story makes it seem like we're very lucky that she turned out to be a decent character.

Plus, how can the events of Serpents feature in DS9: Mission Gamma: Twilight, when the DS9 book came out first? has Twilight listed as releasing in 2002, and Serpent's in 2003. I guess Serpent's could tell the story of something Twilight mentioned, but then that's just making me think that Twilight sucks, too.

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[...] I just count this as one of the stupider ST books that tells a story that, when it comes to stories I consider canon in my head, never happened. Feel free to enjoy it, its just somthing I really dislike.
But, by your own admission, you've never even read it. Therefore, how does this novel even rank as "one of the stupider ST books"?
It's one of the stupidest ST books I've heard of. There probably are stupider ones, but this happens to be one that stands out with its stupidity to me. Not every ST book/story is going to be liked by everyone. To me, Serpents has a horrible premise and doesn't even seem like a book about a Star Fleet officer, it seems like a stupid Section 31 story. Some people like that, obviously. But to me it sounds awful, and so I'll happily never read the book about the idiot Captain becoming a paranoid intelligence officer. Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if I should read any DRG III books. I liked his Typhoon Pact and The Fall DS9 books, and I thought One Constant Star was decent, but after all of these posts I'm seriously questioning his writing ability. I definitely won't even consider reading any of his pre-Typhoon Pact books, but I guess I'll remain open to reading his stuff if he does another DS9 book.
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